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Water Company PAC Usage Scenarios:

1 before using this product in a certain concentration (percent) investment and dissolved pools, hydrolysis of injected water stirring to make it fully, put it aside until the color is reddish-brown liquid, diluted to the desired concentration of dosing coagulation. May also make 2-5% direct dosing of water plant, industrial wastewater directly into the percent added.

2, the determination of the dosage, according to the nature of raw water to produce debug or burn experiment as the formation depending on the amount of alum. Water dose of other drugs can be used as a reference, the product in the same condition and solid polymer aluminum consumption was slightly lower, is a solid aluminum sulfate dosage of 1/3-1/4. If using a liquid product, discretion can be calculated according to concentration.

3, when using such prepared liquid, pumping metering tank, through the measurement of coagulation dosing liquids with raw water.

4, in General on the preparation day, dispensing needed water, sediments are normal.

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