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The Advantage Of Polyaluminium Chloride

Polyaluminium chloride is also called the polyaluminium chloride its flocculation precipitation belongs to the early treatment, the late belong to precision processing, so its effect is good or bad in flocculation precipitation when late directly determines the operation condition of the water treatment process, thus illustrates the importance of polyaluminium chloride in water treatment system. So polyaluminium chloride manufacturer after use several in different material, craft production of poly aluminium chloride coagulant, and aims at several different coagulation test of the raw water of water quality and quantity of coagulant pharmaceutical, floc conducted to explore the influence of such factors as formation time, gradually to prove this point:


1. As the coagulant dosing quantity increases, in addition to the material progress as a result, but if the dosing amount exceed certain content, the extent of progress is not revealed. Therefore, in the coagulation experiments, choose the most appropriate dosing quantity is especially is very nervous.


2. Under neutral conditions, namely under the condition of PH range for 6 ~ 8, polyaluminium chloride coagulation results best.


3. The polyaluminium chloride containing high iron PACSDD is good for low temperature and low water coagulation as a result, the floc formation time is fast, low residual turbidity after reaction.


4. In bauxite, calcium aluminate powder as material to produce poly aluminium chloride products show better than the production of other polyaluminium chloride products coagulation performance.


Use of polyaluminium chloride flocculation precipitation is the most widely used in many water treatment technology at home and abroad, one of the most common unit operation, is an indispensable key link in the process of wastewater treatment. The stand or fall of polyaluminium chloride flocculation effect often determines the operation condition of the later process, final effluent water quality and cost, choose what kind of flocculant, for improving water quality, reduce the cost of water has important technical and economic value.


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