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Polymeric Aluminum Chloride

Precautions for use and dosage

1, according to the different raw water conditions, using a before the first test to find the best dose. For ease of calculation, test solution by weight (w/w), with 2~5% distribution as well. As with 3% solution: solid poly aluminium chloride 3G, washed into 200ml in the graduated cylinder, jiaqingshuiyue 50ml, be dissolved and diluted with water to 100ml the scale again, shake the can.

2, used for the production of poly aluminum chloride solids: water =1:9 to 1:15 to weight ratio (liquid products using the 1:2 and 1:5) can be mixed. Easy hydrolysis of aluminium oxide content of less than 1% solution, it will reduce the effects, the concentration is too high is not easy to add uniform.

3, dosing scale to achieve the best dosage dosage and watch adjust on the fly. See less sedimentation alum, turbidity, the dosage too low; see alum of sedimentation tank and turn up, high residual turbidity, excessive dosage should be adjusted.

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