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Poly Aluminium Chloride

1, wide application range, adapted to water a wide range.

2, easy quick form of alum, sedimentation good. Generate large flocs coagulation reaction, not easily broken, good coagulation, sedimentation good speed, precipitation water filtration, sediment compression, strong, easy to dehydrate. After purification, the water quality is better than inorganic coagulants such as aluminum sulfate, water purification costs compared with low 15-30%

3, as the product of pure gel fast, strong and destabilization in molecular chain length, bridge quickly, it can overcome the low temperature and low turbidity water treatment problems.

4, suitable for a wide range of PH values (5-9), and the treated water PH value and alkalinity decreased small.

5, when the water temperature is low, can still maintain stability sedimentation effects.

6, higher alkalinity than other aluminium salts, ferric salts, is soluble in water, easy to use, quality and stability. Is superior to aluminum sulfate solubility, low corrosion of the equipment.

The Floc produced by 7, this product takes the form of networks, large specific surface area, so the water in the iron, fluoride, arsenic and bacteria has strong adsorption removal effect.

8, the high content of active ingredient products, low transport costs.

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