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PAC aggregate chloride aluminum due to spray dry stability good, adapted waters wide, hydrolysis speed fast, adsorption capacity strong, formed alum spent big, quality key precipitation fast, water turbidity low, dehydration performance good, advantages, in also water of situation Xia, spray dry aggregate chloride aluminum voted added volume reduced, especially in water bad of situation Xia, spray dry products voted volume and drum dry poly chloride aluminum compared, can reduced half, not only reduce has workers of intensity, and more important of is reduced user of business water cost. In addition, the spray dried product can be guaranteed safety, reducing water, drinking water is safe and reliable. Poly aluminum chloride, known as efficient poly-aluminum chloride, or effective PAC. Using the most advanced production technology, using high-quality raw material reactions polymerization into. Zhuqing all quality indexes meet or exceed the national standard GB15892-2009 requirements. Poly aluminum chloride is formed by spray drying process. it may also call high level spray-dried polymeric aluminum chloride. PAC PAC features: open bi source PAC products powder fine, uniform grain, easily soluble in water purification, flocculation effect, high stability, low dosage, and low cost. Suitable for the purification of drinking water, urban water purification and industrial water purification and so on; for the turbidity of source water, PH wide range, alum settling velocity of formation of large, fast, fast.

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