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Introduction To Polymeric Aluminum Chloride For Drinking Water

Poly aluminum chloride (referred to as poly aluminum chloride) alias alkali aluminum chloride; aluminum chloride; hydroxy aluminum chloride; PAC appearance: white, golden yellow, yellow-brown, red-brown granule/Flake; CAS NO:1327-41-9, technical standards: product quality in line with national GB15892-2005 standard for drinking water.

PAC 60 filter plate filter for drinking water. Material filter plate filter water insoluble matter content greatly reduced, 10% water solution to light yellow transparent liquid. To ensure a user's circulating freely, while increasing rates of drug use, and natural sedimentation is not up to. Water insoluble matter little outside, contents of heavy metals and other hazardous substances has rarely, in the effect can be comparable with spray poly aluminium chloride.

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