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Poly aluminum chloride in different dosage in water:

And low turbidity in water, solid polymer aluminum chloride products in accordance with the ratio of 1:3 (by weight), diluted with tap water and stir until completely dissolved

In second, life, used for the production of sewage, references sewage before adding a tonne of 30g poly aluminium chloride product. And then adding dilute polyacrylamide products, (if not obvious, please, is it possible to reduce or increase the dosage of the product. )

Third, in the treatment of paper mill wastewater with low turbidity water delivery allocation, if the result is not obvious indeed can be added.

Four, the raw water turbidity when 100-500mg/L, dosage for 5-10mg per thousand tons of water dosage for 5-10kg, best before test according to the water quality, best value, and then use.

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