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Poly aluminium chloride

• Use the scale should be based on water quality, selected water purification effect is good, put a small amount of sweet spot. Solution should match with the use, amount of non-potable water should be selected according to the actual situation.

• Use solids, dissolved before adding water accompany into 10-25% 's solution, then diluted with water to the desired concentration, dissolved before adding the water feed slowly, and stir constantly.

• Different manufacturers or different brands of water treatment chemicals cannot be mixed, and shall not be mixed with other chemicals.

• Slightly corrosive fluid and thinner, but lower than that of other inorganic flocculants.

⒌ product storage: liquid for half a year, solid for two years. Solid stem still can be used.

• This product has been a reasonable dosage, purified drinking water in compliance with health standards.

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